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Since 1986, Bartlett Insurance Group, LLC has been helping its clients protect their individual assets by placing their insurance needs with some of the most prominent carriers in the United States.





Personal Insurance

Protecting Your Business






Buying business insurance is among the best ways for Business Owners to prepare for the unexpected.   Ranging from indispensable worker’s compensation insurance to the relatively obscure executive kidnapping coverage, insurance is available for nearly any business risk.






Business Insurance

Protecting Your Family






From the moment she was born I promised to love her, to protect her from all the monsters under her bed, and to support her and all her dreams. From the moment she was born I promised that I would always provide for her, no matter what.
That’s why I bought Life Insurance, because from the moment I held her I wanted to secure her future in case I couldn’t always be there for her. Because it’s not about my life, it’s about hers.






Life Insurance

Protecting Your Health








If you’re looking for a health plan for you or your family, see which of our health plans might fit your needs.





Health Insurance

Health Insurance



Health Insurance is ever changing - DO NOT try to analyze and choose a health plan without consulting our experienced producers.


Life Insurance


Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for you, your family and your business' future. It can fulfill promises and obligations to your family, partners and also provide a means of saving money for retirement.


Home and Auto


Not all Home and Auto Insurance products are the same.  Just because you see a company advertising on television does not guarantee they have a quality product.  Bartlett Insurance Group offers our customers options that fit our clients needs.


Business Insurance


If you have a business, you need the protection that comes with having an experienced insurance agency analyze and assess the risk involved in your day to day operations.