Should the need arise to file a claim, or if you have any question in regards to a filed claim or if you are contemplating whether you should file a claim, please call our office.   Many times we will be able to take all the necessary information and contact your company.  Most time you will be contacted by an adjuster within 24-48 hours.  Please understand that ins some cases, the insuring company may wish to speak with you directly, in which case we will give you the appropriate claims number to call.

If it is after hours or a holiday or you wish to just file a claim directly, we have you can click on the company below and file online or call the claims number we have provided.

Allied Insurance
Personal Insurance – 800-282-1446
Business Insurance – 866-322-3214


All Claims: 888-362-2255


All Claims: 800-327-3636




Auto Owners Insurance

Phone: 517-323-1200
or  888-252-4626
Road Trouble Service:

Encompass Insurance
All Claims: 800-588-7400


Hanover Insurance

Claims: 800-628-0250
Platinum Claims: 800-799-6977

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Direct Connect Claims:

What to do in the event of an Auto Claim:

Pull over to the side of the road and get out of harms way.
Contact police if necessary.
Inspect your  car, and any other cars involved in the crash,  for damage.
Exchange important information with all parties involved:

  • Vehicle Owners’  names and addresses
  • Drivers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and drivers’  license numbers
  • Year, make , model, and registration (plate) numbers  of other vehicles
  • Name of insurance company for all vehicles
  • Contact information for any witnesses

Once this information is obtained, contact us or your insuring company as soon as possible

What to do if you have a Home Claim

Insure your safety.
Call the Fire Department if necessary.
Take any reasonable measures to prevent further damage to your  property.
Preserve evidence of loss and take photos as necessary.
Save any receipts for emergency repairs.
For substantial fire or water damage needing immediate attention, contact a Restoration Company.
Contact Bartlett Insurance Group or your company